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How to Add Your Listing to the 211 Texas Database

Please use the following instructions and screenshots to assist you as you add your agency, locations, and programs to the 2-1-1 Texas database.

After selecting your region from the map, you will be directed to a screen that includes this button:

Listing Button

Contact Information

From there, you will be asked to provide your contact information. Your name and email address are required, but providing your phone number is advantageous in case we are unable to reach you via email with any follow-up questions.

Your Info

Adding Your Agency

The next screen asks that you add information about your agency. The most important information to capture here is:
  • Agency Name
  • Agency Description: Summary of your agency. 1-2 sentences
  • Agency Location
  • Agency Website
  • Agency Director
  • Legal Status
This is not the area to add any program/service specific information. You will have the opportunity to do that later. This information is just in regards to the overall agency. Once you are finished, scroll to the bottom and select “Save changes to this record and continue.”

Adding a Program or Location (Site)

This next screen is where you can begin to add locations and programs for your agency. Adding just your agency will not suffice to be listed in the 2-1-1 Texas database. We refer our clients to a program of an agency. The agency is the parent record for all other records, e.g. locations and programs. Therefore, you must have a program record added to your agency.
Adding a Program
When adding a program, the most important information to provide:
  • Program Name
  • Program Description: What services does this program provide? For some tips on writing the program description, visit program description helpful tips
  • Eligibility: Who is eligible for services
  • Availability: How often can someone access your services
  • Languages Offered: Does your program offer it in Spanish?
  • Program Fees: What costs are involved?
  • Application Process: how does someone access your services
  • Documents Required: What documents must a person provide?
  • Which sites offer the program?
  • Describe the Coverage Area: What zip code, city, county, or region does your program serve?
  • Description of Hours: What times/days is your program available? Are these times the same for each site? If not, provide the hours for each site under “Which sites currently offer this program.”
  • Phone Name and Number: If your program phone number is different from your site, put the phone number at the program level. Otherwise, put all phone numbers on the site record.
  • Email: If your program uses an email address to access services or for general inquiry
  • Website: If your program has a website
Once you are done, select “save changes to this record and continue.” You can add as many programs as you want. Once you are done adding programs, you can now add a location (site) if your agency has a physical location that clients can access.

Adding a Location (Site)
When adding a site, the most important information to provide:
  • Site Name
  • Site Location: Where is it located?
  • Disabilities Access: Is it accessible to individuals with a disability?
  • Site Mailing Address: Does your site accept mail, e.g. an application or general inquiries? If so, include your mailing address.
  • Site Phone Numbers
    • Fax: Does your site accept faxes?
    • TTY: Does your site have a TTY line?
    • Phone Name and Number: Include all applicable phone numbers related to your site. If you have multiple programs and the same site serves them all, put those program phone numbers here. If your program phone number is different from your site, put the phone number at the program level.
Once you are done, select “save changes to this record and continue.” You can add as many sites as you want. If you are done adding all programs and sites, select “No thanks, just continue.”

With that, you are all done. Your local 2-1-1 Database Curator will contact you with any follow-up questions after they have reviewed your submitted information.

Thank you for adding your agency’s information to the 2-1-1 Texas Database.