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Program Description

Your program’s description is one of the most crucial elements of the information provided to the client. The program description needs to convey to its reader a basic summary of the service(s) provided, briefly and concisely. Your program’s description is also important because:
  • It is exactly what will be read by the 2-1-1 Call Specialist to the caller
  • It is exactly what will be displayed on the 2-1-1 Texas website

Helpful Tips

  • Start the description with an action verb such as “provides” or assists.”
  • Here is a non-exhaustive list of “action” verbs useful to start a program description:
    • Accepts, Addresses, Administers, Advises, Advocates, Analyzes, Assigns, Assists, Awards, Brings together, Builds, Collaborates, Collects, Conducts, Contributes, Cooperates with, Coordinates, Counsels, Develops, Directs, Disseminates, Distributes, Educates, Encourages, Enforces, Establishes, Evaluates, Examines, Grants, Handles, Identifies, Implements, Includes, Inspects, Investigates, Issues, Maintains, Manages, Matches, Monitors, Offers, Operates, Oversees, Participates in, Performs, Promotes, Provides, Publishes, Refers, Regulates, Represents, Responds to, Reviews, Secures, Seeks to, Serves as, Sponsors, Studies, Supervises, Supports, Trains, Treats, Works to, Works with
    • Avoid run-on sentences by keeping sentences short and as clear as possible